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Saturday, 20 October 2007

The Norn Primary Quests in Eye of the North

Once you have travelled to the Eye of the North in the Far Shiverpeaks, you can gain access to the Hall of Monuments. It is here that you will obtain the three main umbrella quests that lead towards the final showdown with the Great Destroyer.

There is a Primary umbrella quest for each of the main factions (Norn, Asura and Ebon Vanguard) which are each composed of three Primary Quests. Completing all of these will automatically complete the umbrella quest. One of the main rewards for the umbrella quests is a Monumental Tapestry, which is how you can start to populate your Hall of Monuments.

The Norn Primary umbrella quest is called Northern Allies, and is automatically gained after your first look into the Scrying Pool. The main aim of Northern Allies is to follow Ogden Stonehealer's plan to gain the Norn as allies in the fight against the Destroyers.

Ogden tells you: "The Destroyers have ventured dangerously near the surface, and Dwarves are few and far between up here. We must gain allies we can rally into an army. Only then can we repel this threat and keep those blasted Destroyers contained beneath the surface. That Norn who didn't attack us on sight... she might be an excellent starting point for creating the army we need."

The first Primary Quest is Curse of the Nornbear, in which you must assist Jora in tracking down and defeating the Nornbear.

The second Primary Quest is Blood Washes Blood, where you help Jora regain her honour and standing amongst the Norn. Fighting by her side you must help her reclaim her family's estate from the Charr.

The final Primary Quest is A Gate Too Far, where you must travel to Olafstead. There you will meet up with Olaf Olafson, and with his help defeat some Destroyers and reclaim the nearby Asura gate.

Once you have finished these quests, you will travel to the Battledepths, a dungeon to the west of the Eye of the North. Here you will meet up with your old friend Jalis Ironhammer, who will give you your rewards.

Having met King Jalis, some additional dwarf quests are available to you. At this stage you should have at least Rank 3 in the Norn Title Track. You can then move on to the other two Primary umbrella quests, which also farming Norn Reputation Points to boost your Norn Title Track.

These Primary Quests provide several goals in Eye of the North. Obviously they move you further along the storyline, but they also help you populate your Hall of Monuments, and give you a good start on the relevant Title Track.

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