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Wednesday, 17 October 2007

The Charr Homelands in Eye of the North

Eye of the North brings back the marauding Charr, who laid waste to Ascalon in Prophecies with the cataclysmic searing. Working with the Ebon Vanguard gives you the chance to take the fight to the Charr Homelands.

The main town in the Charr Homelands is Doomlore Shrine. This can be reached by completing the Primary Quest "Dawn of Rebellion". To complete this quest and gain entrance you must defeat Scorch Maulclaw.

Doomlore Shrine is surrounded by Dalada Uplands, Grothmar Wardowns and Sacnoth Valley. Dalada Uplands and Sacnoth Valley offer excellent farming opportunities, and by making sure you collect the Vanguard Patrol blessing from the Ebon Vanguard scouts.

You can expect to get around 3000 Vanguard reputation points in Dalada Uplands, which will take about an hour to fully clear. Sacnoth Valley will take between an hour and an hour and a half to completely clear, and will net you around 4500 Vanguard reputation points.

As an added bonus you can get a Siege Devourer in both of these areas - their monstrous amounts of hit points and the mad damage they can make farming much quicker and easier.

The Charr Homelands in Eye of the North are excellent fun, especially if your introduction to Guild Wars was the first chapter, Prophecies. The chance to take the fight back to the Charr is not one to be missed.

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