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Friday, 26 October 2007

Halloween comes to Eye of the North

You might be wondering what's going on in Eye of the North, and the rest of the Far Shiverpeaks. Eerie monuments have started to appear, and not only have NPCs been transformed, but they items they are now offering are very different.

Guild Wars is gearing up for the return of Mad King Thorn on Halloween, and changes are sweeping the land. Talking to NPCs, you'll find the following special items available:

Witch's BrewWitch's Brew: One sip of this potent brew will set your world spinning 'round and 'round.
Absinthe: Drink this beverage to be engulfed in a ghoulish flame.
Ghost in the BoxGhost-in-the-Box: Feeling brave? Open this mysterious box to receive a spooky surprise.
Squash Serum
Squash Serum: Swallowing this potion might give you a big head. A big, orange one, that is…
Transmogrifier Tonic
Transmogrifier Tonic: Transform yourself into the spirit of Halloween itself using this item!
Mystery Item!
New Mystery Item: Go out into the world and defeat monsters for a chance to obtain a special treat, new this year

I can also recommend heading to Lion's Arch or Kamadan, and taking part in the Halloween Costume Brawl. With two new arenas, the Costume Brawl features team based PvP with a twist. You choose to take part as one of the characters from Guild Wars - using their outfit, items, and unique skills.

It focusses the combat on skill, as you have no control over your build, and is incredibly good fun. The winning team picks up some special Halloween rewards as well as Faction points, so it's well worth having a go.

Talk to NPC Bobby [Costume Brawl] in Kamadan or Lion's Arch to take part.

While in the Eye of the North explorable areas, keep an eye out on monster drops as well. You'll find some special Halloween items dropping between now and the 31st October, when Mad King Thorn will return.

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