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Monday, 8 October 2007

Eye of the North map pieces

If you played the Sneak Peek weekend, or as you're exploring the new Eye of the North map areas, you'll sometimes find monsters dropping map pieces. Here's the information on what these mysterious map pieces are for.

When you make your way to Umbral Grotto, all will become clear. If you speak to Koris Deeprunner, he will offer you the Deeprunner's Map quest.

Koris explains: "Long ago, a human who came to Droknar's Forge sold me the middle of a piece of what was an ancient map that led me here. After spending countless days researching the ancient Dwarven chronicles, I have come to believe this is a piece of the map to the great King Hundar's ancient lost treasure. If only I can find the other pieces to the map. I might be able to track down the treasure! So far I've found 1 of 5 pieces."

Take the quest, then when you find a treasure map piece, go back to Koris. With the piece in your inventory, talk to Koris - he'll take the piece and update the quest.

The treasure map pieces drop randomly from monsters in explorable areas. They are not reserved for a character in your party (so pick them up quickly!), they are not customised to your character, and they can be traded freely.

That last point is pretty important, because it's quite likely you'll pick up more than one copy of each map piece. You can then trade these for the one's your missing.

Once Koris has all the pieces, he will make the "Lost Treasure of King Hundar" quest available to you. This is a repeatable quest, and can be used to greatly increase your Deldrimor Title Track, as there are large numbers of Dwarven reputation points to be gained during this quest.

With 15,000 XP, 1500 Dwarven reputation points, and the Deldrimor Title Track skill Drunken Master as rewards for completing Deeprunner's Map, it clearly pays to keep your eyes open as you explore the Eye of the North map.

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