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Tuesday, 2 October 2007

How to use Monumental Tapestries in Eye of the North

Within the Eye of the North citadel is the Hall of Monuments, containing the Scrying Pool, various NPCs you need to talk to for primary quests, and a series of Monuments which celebrate your achievements.

There are four Monuments, and all apart from the Monument of Honour require a Monumental tapestry before they can be used.

Monument of Honor

This displays your Titles and Achievements. When you complete a campaign, Elite Missions, or achieve high rank in Title Tracks, you can choose to display those here.

Monument of Fellowship

This displays your Heroes and Pets. Heroes must have Hero Armour Upgrades to be displayed here. Pets must have been evolved to Level 20. Special pets like The Imperial Phoenix, The Black Widow and the Black Moa Bird will be displayed like Heroes.

Monument of Devotion

This is where you can display your minipets and collectibles. When you choose to display a minipet it becomes permanently customised to your character.

Monument of Valor

This is where you can display your unlocked high end weapons. At the moment only Destroyer Weapons from Eye of the North can be displayed - this will be expanded over time with game updates.

Monument of Resilience

This displays your Ascended and Elite Armour sets. Your armour must be worn at the time you choose to place it on the monument - you will not lose it, and it will retain the colour of the set you are wearing, allowing full customisation. You must have a complete set of armour (excluding headgear) to display it.

Using tapestries in the Hall of Monuments

When you complete a Primary Quest in Eye of the North you will be given a Monumental Tapestry. Keep this in your inventory, and head on over to your Hall of Monuments.

When you look at each Monument, it will note that it looks empty, and would be improved with a tapestry. In the conversation dialogue you can then choose to hang a tapestry at that Monument. Once you have selected to hang a tapestry, it cannot be taken down and moved to another Monument.

You cannot choose to display any items at a Monument until you have hung a tapestry there, with the exception of the Monument of Honor.

The Hall of Monuments in Eye of the North will provide a link to Guild Wars 2, allowing as yet unspecified bonuses and/or items for your new Guild Wars 2 character.

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