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Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Full Eye of the North map

This fantastic full XBOX 360 Elite game Console map comes courtesy of Skaare of Aiur of xbox 360.

Major kudos are due to Skaare, who has done a fantastic job, achieving the rank of Tyrian Grandmaster Cartographer along the way. This map shows 100% of Tyria, and 99% of Eye of the North. All of the outposts are listed as well as the locations of all of the dungeons.

It's a 6.2mb download, and can be grabbed at Microsoft XBOX 360 Game Console Core Edition System

Skaare's release notes for the map can also be found at New Xbox360 Premium! 1 NEW game and extra control - these contain great tips for finding those last hidden areas on the map.

As you explore the Eye of the North map, can you uncover as much of Tyria as Skaare?

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