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Monday, 1 October 2007

Is Eye of the North your favourite soundtrack?

Is Eye of the North your favourite soundtrack? Or perhaps Nightfall? Maybe Factions?

Jeremy Soule's music is superb - haunting, catching the feel of the game, and adding atmosphere and depth. You can purchase and download the full high quality soundtracks from Direct Song and then have them played at random within Guild Wars, even if you don't have the relevant client.

Obviously you can also play the soundtracks that came with the full retail copies of each game, and even get some bonus tracks with the Collector's Edition of each chapter.

So, the question is - which is your favourite soundtrack of them all? Which one inspires you to explore the Guild Wars world, which one gets your blood pumping in combat, which soundtrack captures the sense of loss of the conflicts that ravage Tyria, Cantha and Elona?

Place your vote on our exclusive Eye of the North soundtrack poll, on the right hand side of this blog. The poll will be open until 31st October - make your vote count!

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