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Thursday, 25 October 2007

Master of the North updates in Eye of the North

With some recent updates to sterling silver, there has been some more information and clarification of the Master of the North Title Track.

The Eye of the North mastery points needed for each rank of Master of the North are now at:
Rank Title Eye of the North mastery points:
1 Adventurer of the North 100
2 Pioneer of the North 200
3 Veteran of the North 350
4 Conqueror of the North 550
5 Master of the North 750
6 Legendary Master of the North (Max level) 1000

The amount of points you can gain has also been fleshed out, now that Hard Mode is available in Eye of the North.

For each of the Primary Quests (as defined in the Hero's Handbook) you get 5 Mastery Points, or 10 Mastery Points in Hard Mode.

For each of the Dungeons (as tracked in the Master Dungeon Guide) you get 10 Master Points, or 20 Mastery Points in Hard Mode.

There are 15 discrete Eye of the North map areas, each one giving 15 points when Vanquished (all enemies defeated) in Hard Mode.

Cartography gives you a varying amount of Mastery Points per map region, but the total is 101 Mastery Points.

Accomplishment Points per Unit No. of quests/areas Sum Points Total points
Normal Hard Normal Hard
Primary quests 5 10 11 55 110 165
Dungeon quests 10 20 18 180 360 540
Vanquishing - 15 15 - 225 225
Cartography Varies 15 101 101
Grand Total   1031

With Hard Mode now available, and the latest updates to Eye of the North, it's now much easier to plan and track your way to maxing out the Master of the North Title Track.

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