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Thursday, 4 October 2007

Eye of the North minigames - Polymock

Polymock is a new minigame in Eye of the North. Invented by the Asura, it has a lot of similarities with Pokemon. To play you'll need some Polymock pieces, which you get from quest rewards, inside dungeon chests, or from other players.

To be able to play Polymock, you need at least three Polymock pieces. Make sure they're in your inventory, then head over to Rata Sum and talk to Denn, who will then register your pieces for play. Once the pieces have been registered they're removed from your inventory. Polymock pieces are registered per character and cannot be traded amongst your own characters or with other players.

There are two sets of rules that Polymock matches can be played under:

Commoner rules

Commoner rules apply for duels that occur as part of the Polymock quest chain, starting with the quest Defeat Yulma. These quests are repeatable, and there are no restrictions on the type of pieces you can play. Once you have completed the Polymock quests you can then move on to playing via Tournament Rules.

Tournament rules

Tournament rules apply when dueling a Polymock player outside the Polymock quest chain. You are restricted to choosing one Polymock Piece from each rarity: common, uncommon, and rare. If you do not have at least one registered piece from each rarity, you will not be allowed to play under Tournament Rules. For each Polymock match won under Tournament rules you can gain between 10 and 50 Asura reputation points, depending on the opponent you defeated.

Once the rules have been met, you and your opponent will the transported to a Polymock arena. Arenas have two platforms, close enough together to always remain in aggro range. Once in the arena, talk to Vokk the Polymock Judge, and decide which three of your registered Polymock pieces will play.

Each time you choose a piece, your opponent will too, so you can make your next piece choice based on your opponent's last choice. Once you've chosen your three pieces, and decided which piece you will open with, talk to Vokk again to start the round.

When a match starts, you're faced with a 10 second countdown timer - at zero, the duel begins. Polymock pieces have their own skills and attributes, and attack in the same way as normal Guild Wars characters. The duel is very similar to normal combat, with the exception that effects like Bleeding or Burning cause -10 Health degeneration. You can move your Polymock piece around to try and avoid your opponent's projectile spells.

When a piece's Health reaches zero it's defeated. You must then choose another piece - if all three of your pieces have been defeated, you lose the match.

I'll discuss Polymock tactics in another blog post. Like combat in Eye of the North, Polymock can be quite involved, and strategy and skill will always win out over full frontal attacks.

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