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Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Eye of the North heroes

Guild Wars: Nightfall introduced the concept of heroes to Guild Wars - customisable NPCs which could be given orders and managed, making them much more flexible and powerful than henchman. XBox Eye of the North has introduced some more heroes, giving you a lot of flexibility when it comes to building your party.

When you gain armour upgrades for your Heroes they can be added to the Monument of Fellowship in the Hall of Monuments, opening up potential bonuses in Guild Wars 2.

You will have gained the three main heroes, one from each Eye of the North faction, when travelling to the Far Shiverpeaks:

  • Ogden Stonehealer (Dwarven Monk)
  • Vekk (Asuran Elementalist)
  • Gwen (Vanguard Mesmer)

When following the Norn quests, you will pick Jora (Norn Warrior) during the main Curse of the Nornbear storyline. You can also pick up Xandra (Luxon Ritualist) and Kahmu (Elonian Dervish) when completing the Norn Fighting Tournament mission.

During the Ebon Vanguard quests, exploring the Charr Homeland, you will gain Pyre Fierceshot (Charr Ranger) as a mandatory hero as part of the Warband of Brothers Primary Quest. You can also collect Anton (Ascalonian Assassin) with The Assassin's Revenge mission.

The final two heroes can be gained when following the Asuran Primary Quests. Livia (Kyrtan Necromancer) is gained when completing the Finding Gadd Primary Quest. You can also collect Hayda (Shining Blade Paragon) when completing the Give Peace a Chance mission.

The ten new heroes in Eye of the North give you a nice spread of skills, abilities, and builds to choose from, spanning most of the factions and races in Guild Wars.

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