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Friday, 19 October 2007

Eye of the North Destroyer items

The new menace in Eye of the North, the Destroyers, have been summoned from the fiery depths by the Great Destroyer. Your ultimate quest in Eye of the North is to find the lair of the Great Destroyer, and defeat him.

Destroyer items don't drop, as you'd expect - instead they need to be crafted. As of the current Eye of the North build, Destroyer weapons are the only weapons which can be displayed in the Hall of Monuments.

Destroyer items are crafted by Balthor Coalforge in Slavers' Exile. Slaver's Exile is an Elite Dungeon which can be reached from the Verdant Cascades on the Tarnished Coast. To enter Slaver's Exile at least one member of the party must have completed the Primary Quest "A time for Heroes".

Once you enter Slaver's Exile you can talk to Balthor Coalforge and craft Destroyer items. The following items are available:

  • Destroyer Axe
  • Destroyer Bow
  • Destroyer Daggers
  • Destroyer Focus
  • Destroyer Maul
  • Destroyer Scepter
  • Destroyer Scythe
  • Destroyer Shield
  • Destroyer Spear
  • Destroyer Staff
  • Destroyer Sword

Each item requires 10 Diamonds and 10 Onyx Gemstones to craft, as well as 5 platinum (5000 gold) and some common crafting materials.

Talking to Veth the Storyteller will give you the quest The Last Heirophant. Completing this multi-part quest will give you Diamonds and/or Onyx Gemstones, which can the be used to craft Destroyer items. The quest is repeatable, so is probably the best way to stock up on these rare crafting components.

Destroyer items are a great way of showing you have completed the furthest reaches of Eye of the North, and are also currently the only weapons which can be displayed in the Hall of Monuments.

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