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Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Eye of the North - travelling to the Far Shiverpeaks

This is a quick walk through showing how to travel the new area in Eye of the North.

We'll be starting from Kamadan (the main city in Elona, from the Guild Wars: Nightfall campaign). You'll need to find and speak to the NPC Bendah. He gives you a new mission - you need to travel to the cliffs behind Kamadan and investigate a strange new fissure that has opened up.

Once you've spoken to Bendah, an earthquake starts to rock the city, and it continues with rats and ooze appearing and running around. Although in missions these would be monsters, inside the city they behave like normal NPCs and can't be attacked.

Leaving the main gates of Kamadan, you need to head to the left and down to the side and rear of the city. After a minute or so you'll come across a glowing hole in the cliff, labelled Fissure.

Clicking on this will bring up the message "Before you is a massive crak in the ground that leads deep into the earth." Click on the 'Explore the fissure' option to enter the mission, Caverns below Kamdan.

The caverns are very similar to the Catacombs in pre-searing Ascalon (from the first Guild Wars: Prophecies chapter). You'll come across several groups of low-level Corsairs and scouts wandering about, with a few camps. After exploring for a while you should find a group of dwarves, who are led by Ogden Stonehealer.

A short cut scene plays, where it transpires the dwarves are trying to escape from something called The Destroyers, along with their Asura friend. You'll now get a new mission goal, which is to escape through a different portal and flee the Destroyers.

This is timed mission, giving you 3 minutes to escape to the other gate. The Destroyers that are chasing you resemble the Elite Covenant from Halo. As enemies they are quite high level and very fast - if you engage in combat you'll quickly get swarmed and die, and need to restart the mission.

Your only option is to quickly run and follow Ogden and Vekk the Asura. After some frantic running - avoiding the many groups of Destroyers who will appear at random - you should make it to the gate, with around 45 seconds to a minute spare.

Having escaped through the portal, there's a short cut scene where Ogden introduces the Nornthe second new race in Eye of the North. The Norn you meet drop some hints about trouble in the northern lands, and you will then find yourself transported to Boreal Station in the Far Shiverpeaks.

You should find that Ogden Stonehealer has been unlocked as a level 20 Monk Hero. If you examine your map you'll see that next to each main city in each chapter (Lion's Gate, Kaineng and Kamadan) is a special purple town, called the Asura Gate. This allows you to transport straight back to Boreal Station.

You're now in the Eye of the North and ready to start fully exploring this new Guild Wars expansion.

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