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Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Eye of the North map and manual

Eye of the North is now live, but before the launch date ArenaNet had a preview - the Sneak Peek weekend.

For all those who bought the pre-release bonus pack, and were able to play in the Sneak Peek weekend, or those who have downloaded Eye of the North direct from the online store, ArenaNet have made available both a map and manual for Eye of the North.

The manual is in PDF format and can be downloaded from

The map is pretty interesting, as previous maps had just shown the area north of the Shiverpeaks, whereas with this final map you can see you will be able to travel to the Maguuma Jungles and the Krytan coast again.

The Eye of the North map, which comes as a poster in the boxed game, can be downloaded from

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