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Saturday, 29 September 2007

Eye of the North Title Tracks - Master of the North

Another new Eye of the North Title Track is The Master of the North. This tracks your progress through the Eye of the North storyline, increasing as you complete quests, dungeons, and explore the Eye of the North map areas.

You gain 5 Eye of the North mastery points for completing a primary mission, and 10 for completing a dungeon quest for the first time. You also gain additional points as you explore and discover areas in the Eye of the North map.

The points you need for each rank are:

  • 100 mastery points - Rank 1 - Adventurer of the North
  • 200 mastery points - Rank 2 - Pioneer of the North
  • 350 mastery points - Rank 3 - Veteran of the North

At the moment, it looks like 316 is the maximum number of points you can obtain:

  • 160 points for completing dungeon quests
  • 55 points for all the primary missions
  • 101 points for map exploration

In case you think I've added those up incorrectly ;-) remember that Fronis Irontoe's Lair and Secret Lair of the Snowman don't give points (as they are repeatable dungeon quests).

As ArenaNet tweak Eye of the North and add new side missions we can expect to see more opportunities to progress the Master of the North Title Track.

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